Removal of universal wastes (PCB-containing oils in devices, such as light ballasts and transformers, mercury-containing liquids in devices, such as gauges and thermostats, fluorescent light tubes or lamps, refrigerants and hydraulic oils)

  • Universal Waste

Sitek Omni Services offers demolition services ranging from small-scale selective and structural demolition work to large-scale high-rise building or lease space “gut outs” and structural demolition of large multi-story buildings, or decommissioning and demolition of industrial plants and power plants. Sitek Omni Services demolition projects are proceeded by the development of a comprehensive site-specific work plan which would include a health and safety plan, trucking/waste egress plan, recycling plan, work schedule inclusive of utility disconnects, description of interaction with regulatory agencies and any value engineering. 

  • Selective, Structural & Site Demolition

Sitek Omni Services is licensed in the state of Texas as a mold remediation contractor and our operations management, site supervision and workers stand prepared and fully trained to provide mold remediation work where needed.  Sitek Omni offers a variety of remediation methods inclusive of all types of standard practices as well as cryo-blasting (dry-ice blasting).  Often mold remediation is a by-product of emergency flooding in buildings due to pipe bursts or sink / toilet overflows.  Our services offered are inclusive of emergency water extraction and dehumidification processes to help prevent mold growth when any type of disaster strikes. 

  • Microbial Remediation / Emergency ResponSe

Sitek Omni Services is experienced in handling lead abatement work (usually involving paint coatings), whether full or partial abatement, removal of loose and flaking paint, encapsulation (application of primer coats) or general cleaning of loose dust and debris.  

Demolition Services

  • Lead Abatement

Sitek Omni Services is licensed in the state of Texas and Accredited in the state of Louisiana as an asbestos abatement contractor.  The Sitek Omni Services management team and field personnel offer vast experienced in all aspects of asbestos abatement and related work.  Our management/project supervision team has over 70 years of combined experience and have the ability to perform any project.  Our team has experience in every aspect whether commercial or industrial (such as abatement of high-rise floors, retail tenant renovations, abatement in schools or universities, shut downs and O&M work in industrial plants and power plants and abatement at military bases). 

  • Asbestos abatement

​​​Environmental Services