Vanessa Cintron (President)

Vanessa is the President  of Sitek Omni Services; she has over 20 years of experience working as a Business Administrator in the demolition and environmental remediation industry. She has extensive knowledge of contract compliance for all local, state and federal regulations 

necessary for contract oversight of small and large-scale projects. She is an accomplished problem solver and creative innovator, whose unique mix of technical, accounting, and business operations expertise lends itself to develop business strategies that pro-actively map out the most effective means of accomplishing project goals. Her top-notch organizational skills, honed over years of experience in the industry, facilitate a smooth flow of operations and assure regulatory and contract compliance prompt paperwork submission. 


We offer a pro-active, team-oriented approach to projects with focus on safety, client needs and compliance with regulatory requirements to insure desired results without unnecessary complications.

service advantages

  • 70 years + of top management experience - provide the highest level of project bidding and site management
  • 3 Million aggregate insurance coverage with 10 million umbrella policy
  • Minority/Woman Managed Enterprise 
  • 2 Million aggregate bonding capacity
  • Clean and operationally sound abatement and demolition equipment
  • Turnkey demolition work with assistance of allied contractors
  • Cost-effective projects solutions and competitive pricing
"Bringing a personal approach to demolition and remediation services"


Kevin Delahunty (V.P. Operations)

Kevin has worked in the demolition and environmental remediation industry for over 25 years. Kevin's expertise is in operational   readiness, administration and organization.  His abilities include multi-project management, schedule maitatenence, asset allocation LEED's applications to projects, individual project management and overall management of production teams on multiple projects.  His body of work includes commercial high-rise buildings, retail lease spaces, medical facilities, military projects, munuicipal projects, industrial projects and subsurface contaminant projects.  He is also an operational advisor and manager for projects requiring special needs due to varying logistical issues.


Sitek Omni Services, LLC strives to be your one-stop contractor for demolition and remedial renovation needs with an emphasis on Safety and Service Excellence at a competitive price.

our leadership team

Don McGlamery (V.P. Finance)

Don has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years specializing in environmental remediation and demolition services.  Over the past 19 years his duties mostly consisted of managing large scale branches in Houston and Dallas.  Prior to coming to Houston Don was the V.P. Finance for CST Environmental in Brea, CA and worked as an accountant for KMPG.

Don specializes in the administration and coordination of branch operations focusing on the financial aspects of the business. He also has extensive knowledge of all accounting related functions including all business taxes and bank relations. Don is also well versed in all aspects of state, local and federal regulations affecting this industry.

Joe Moore  (V.P. Operations)

Joe has worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years, specializing in environmental remediation. Over the past 20 years his duties mostly consisted of managing a large scale operations, the direct management of projects local to Houston and coordination of labor that at times exceeded 250 workers.  Joe's expertise is in building teams that are operationally prepared to deliver the highest quality services to the client and has succeeded in accomplishing that at every level of his professional career.  He is proficient in project organization, team forming, emergency response coordination and work, asset allocation, LEED's application to projects, individual project management and overall management.


The track record of our personnel includes the successful completion of over $500 million worth of abatement and demolition work, ranging from small-scale work to projects in excess of $25 million. 

"Sitek Omni Services, LLC was formed by key veteran management personnel, formerly of one of the largest environmental/demolition companies in the country, where they worked together for over 20 years serving clients in the Gulf Coast region and beyond.  Through those years of service and experience, the future founders of Sitek Omni Services shared common concerns that “bigger” did not necessarily constitute “better” with regard to two of the most important qualities of a success in our industry, Safety and Service Excellence".

JOn "JW" WOoDARD (V.P. Sales)

Jon has worked in the environmental remediation and demolition services industry ​for over 20 years. His expertise is varied and lies in sales, marketing, estimating and project management, allowing him to offer clients overall  advice from planning stages to project completion with reasonable solutions to budget and schedule constrains.  His body of work includes commercial high-rise, retail lease spaces, medical facilities municipal projects, school districts, apartment complexes, condominiums, industrial projects, emergency response work and subsurface contaminant projects.  He has sold and managed over 2,000 projects ranging from small scale work to projects over $22 million.